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I’m so excited about the next phase of my life…. living a healthy and active lifestyle. For many years I felt the need to put exercise on the “back-burner” due to certain circumstances that were taking place. I always intended to start “Monday” or this “month”…. maybe January 1st, would be the day I kept and maintained my commitment to diet and exercise. I told myself that when I get to a certain weight or when my 34’s become 36’s or the pleats in my pants are gone because of belly pressure – I would do “something’. So, when I reached 240 lbs, my body fat measured 30, my waist size was requiring 38’s… and my pleats were long gone – I ordered P90X from my couch in the horizontal position.

I started losing weight right away and was focused on finishing the job…. “this time”. After several months of diet and exercise, I reached the weight of 195, my waist 34… and my body fat was 18.5.

NOW… I’ve decided this is where I take it to a whole new level. I want the “muscle and tone look” … that is why I have totally dedicated myself to this program (P90X) and have committed to improve my health and nutrition… along with helping change the lives of others.

I am “Beachbody bound” … enthused about all the possibilities that come with “Decide, Commit, Succeed.” I am ‘hyper-focused” on our 90 day mission and the long term goal of helping others!!!

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Coach Kenyon Sills
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