Why I love P90X3

You know what I keep hearing lately? “Tony, your programs are awesome, they make me look incredible. But an hour every day? Come on…”

I get it. You want the results, and you’re willing to do the work, but your freakin’ schedule is jam-packed. And you know what I have to say to that? GOOD. Because that’s what challenged me to roll up my sleeves and set out to create something truly revolutionary…

P90X3‘s Muscle Acceleration – the ultimate EXCUSE-BUSTER.
I took everything I learned from P90X® and P90X2 ® – coupled it with new science that shows intense 30-minute workouts can get you in better shape faster – and slammed it all into overdrive. The result? Short, targeted, intense workouts that take just 30 minutes but leave you looking like you’ve been tearing it up in the gym all day, every day.

You ready to burn fat, build muscle, and get ripped fast?

– Tony Horton

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